• I feel like the luckiest person in the world whenever the light turns green just when I’m about to cross the street!
  • it feels so good to receive back the money you forgot you have lent!
  • every now and then I like to drink my coffee from a glass, just because it feels nice to break the rules sometimes…
  • i’m a nice person. so fuck off!
  • Being nice is exhausting.
  • trapped in the captivity of my own identity
  • I may be a loser, but at least I’m not a quitter.
  • You say that I’m a loser because I watch documentaries. I say you’re a loser, since you don’t like documentaries. The best thing about this situation is that nobody will ever know which one of us is right.
  • ain’t life just a big fat slap in the face..?
  • life is too short to listen to dull people
  • if there’s one piece of advice i can give you, it’s this: help as much and as many people as you can
  • I’m not watching TV, I’m doing research
  • how come i can’t remember all the things i wanted to do when i didn’t have the time to do them?
  • I hate doing something I have to do when I don’t want to do it
  • If you have a different opinion, just ignore mine.
  • one of the best feelings in the world: crossing something off your to do list
  • I don’t care about what people who don’t know me think about me, but my world revolves around what people who really know me think about me.
  • avoiding facial expressions to prevent wrinkles… that’s just retarded
  • i seek approval from those who i’ve approved of
  • you’re different, just like everybody else! 🙂
  • You have nothing if you’re not yourself.
  • new way of torture: looking at photos of awesome food on the internet while your fridge is empty
  • one can never find true happiness unless he embraces the uncertainty and unfairness of life

One Response to “Quoteish”

  1. Bernard Says:

    trapped in the captivity of negativity PB

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