Homeless is a state of mind

Monday, 25 September, 2017

Here I am, homeless. One of the many things I’ve never thought I’d be.

One of the many things I could’ve sworn that “it will not happen to me!”

I may have a roof over my head. For now

But that doesn’t change things. Somehow

Homeless is a state of mind

A horrible feeling that can’t be denied

Of not belonging, not being wanted

Of having your dreams thwarted.

Is it my ego that hurts so bad?

Or is it not being wanted by my dad?

Embarrassment? I guess that too

I’ve always been ashamed of you.

I need guidance. What to do?

How to protect her from you?

How to make you see

That the problem is not with me?

I am incapable of helping

Maybe that’s why I am hurting.



Revenge… However tempting it may be

I will not let it be the poison that kills me.

I don’t take the easy way out

I will survive another round.

I will make my dreams come true

I will live to see it through

I am strong and I will fight

To leave a home behind.


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