I am enough

Thursday, 3 October, 2013

So I finally have a favorite song.

Whenever you feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious or just not ok, close your eyes and listen to your favorite song. Focus on the song, focus on the lyrics, focus on why it is your favorite song. In what way does it represent you? Who are you? Are you really as good as you sometimes think you are? Are you really as bad as sadness of the moment makes you feel like? Remember, you’re only a human being.

Do what makes you happy, but remember, most of the times making others feel happy is what makes you happy the most.

Think of what you wish for. Big or small. Spend time daydreaming. Figure out what you want. Who do you want to be? It’s in your hands, forget about the excuses, you know there’s always a way.

Yes, of course, life is unfair. Get over it. Be glad the unfairness of life had only affected you as much as it did. That’s the secret of happiness. Stop lying to yourself, happiness relies only on what you think.

Don’t compare yourself to others. There is no one else like you in the whole wide world, so the comparison has no point. Forget about the competition everyone needs to prove themselves they are better than some people. Why should you be better than others? We are all different, so we are all better than everyone. Life is a gift, enjoy it. Why does it matter where it came from? Is there a God, is it just laws of physics? Be happy with not knowing everything. Why do you have this need for control? Why aren’t you enough?

If you want to be happy, just pretend that you are.


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